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Corporate Governance


The Group's governance is made up of two bodies: the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, which form the two-tier board structure of the company.

The Management Board

The Management Board is composed of 5 members: Jean-Marie Tritant, Sylvain Montcouquiol, Fabrice Mouchel, Vincent Rouget (starting June 1st 2023) and Anne-Sophie Sancerre.

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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board

Composed of 10 members, the Supervisory Board is chaired by Jacques Richier.

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The Senior Management Team

Composed of 6 members, the Senior Management Team is chaired by Jean-Marie Tritant

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3D rendering of Majunga tower in La Défense

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics sets out values and principles of the Group.

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